Whatever your injury

we can provide a solution.

Physiotherapy in Broadmeadow

At Broadmeadow Physiotherapy our focus is simple, to provide optimal care for you. Our Physiotherapists will deliver individualised care and attention to return you to your optimal health and maximal performance. Conveniently and centrally located within the Broadmeadow Medical Centre we cater for clients from all over the Newcastle, Lower Hunter and Nelson Bay regions.

Whatever your injury, we can provide a solution.



Our physiotherapists will begin with a thorough and expert examination

Our physiotherapists will begin
with a thorough and expert
examination of your condition
to diagnose joint, muscle or
movement dysfunction contributing
to your pain.


Orthotics are commonly used to correct or prevent lower limb disorders.

Orthotics are commonly used to
correct or prevent lower limb disorders.
This commences with an examination
of the foot and ankle to assess
for improper alignment and/or biomechanics.
dry needling


Dry Needling is now within the scope of physiotherapy and the Sports

Dry Needling is now within the scope
of physiotherapy and the Sports
Integrated Dry Needling course that
our Physiotherapists have completed has become part of an overall management approach to
many conditions.
casting & splinting


At Broadmeadow Physiotherapy our Therapist are highly trained

At Broadmeadow Physiotherapy in Newcastle our Physiotherapists are highly trained in the application of Waterproof Synthetic Casts and Thermoplastic Splinting.
exercise physio feature


An exercise physiologist is an Allied Health professional

An exercise physiologist is an
Allied Health professional who
specialises in the benefits of exercise
to help patients get fitter for all
around good health, or to treat
patients with a medical condition
through exercise.

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Our Trusted Physio Team

Physio starts with a great team plus a wealth of knowledge and experience

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Stephen Gillard


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Dean is a fantastic physio based in Newcastle NSW

Dean Taylor


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Ana specialises in physio treatments

Anastasia Stead


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Emily Cavanagh

Exercise Physiologist

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We have physio experience with major Newcastle Sports Clubs

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Hamilton is a sporting physio team
Lambton Jaffas sporting club
You can find our Newcastle Physiotherapy specialists at 1/154 Lambton Rd Broadmeadow NSW 2292

Expert physiotherapists in sport and recovery

Our expertise in Sports Physio means that our Newcastle Physiotherapy team treat athletes “paid to play” by professional sporting clubs such as Newcastle Jets, The Lambton Jaffas, Adamstown Rosebud, Hamilton Olympic, South Cardif FC and we are also an Australian physiotherapist Association member. We attend the weekend competition games and treat on site injuries and prepare the athletes with injury prevention measures. Our friendly staff have are trusted in sports physiotherapy in the Newcastle and Hunter regions to ease the pain of local athletes.

Physio Treatment in Newcastle

5 Star Google Reviews for our physio services

Ryan Griffiths – Ex Australian Olympian and Newcastle Jets Captain

“I have used Broadmeadow physio countless times throughout my career and their expert treatment advice and recovery methods are the reason I will continue to use them”

No, a referral is not necessary to see a physiotherapist in Newcastle. You may simply book an appointment or drop in and tell us your story.

You do not need to bring anything other than yourself and your story. If you have any correspondence from your Doctor or surgeon, this information is helpful, so please do bring this along with any investigation results, films, and reports that you may have.

We have a same day policy and are happy to accomodate you, however, if you have a particular time fram that you prefer, it is best to book in advance.

  • A 40-60 minute initial consultation – the variation in time is dependent on the complexity of the presentation.
  • 30-40 minutes for any follow up appointments required
  • A thorough interview and physical exam
  • An accurate diagnosis – this is key and our point of difference.
  • Plenty of ‘hands on’ or manual treatment
  • A home exercise program that will continually be progressed
  • Continued evaluation of work (is this treatment technique working for you?)
  • Continued communication with your referrer, trainer or doctor
  • Direct referral for necessary investigations, &
  • Direct referral to Doctors, Surgeons, and members of the allied health team, as required.

At Broadmeadow Physiotherapists Newcastle, we strive to:

  • Provide you with a diagnosis – an accurate diagnosis!
  • Explain the problem or pathology in detail, and look at all possible causes.
  • Tell you how to help yourself
  • Explain the role that physio will play in your rehab journey, and what it is we can do to help you
  • Treat the actual cause of your problem, so that you won’t experience recurrences of the same condition
  • Give you an estimate of time – how long you will be dealing with this particular problem for
  • Meet all your goals, with respect to time and result, through the use of evidence based and clinically proven manual therapy techniques and exercise prescription
  • Maintain communication – keeping regular contact with your GP, surgeon, or personal trainer ensures that all concerned with your health or fitness are on the same page, thus ensuring to you the most comprehensive product available
  • Deliver a service to you that is punctual – we understand that our patients also have busy schedules and do not want to be kept waiting
  • Ensure you receive an appointment within 24 hours (if required)

Yes, a HICAPS facility is available on site at our physiotherapy, so that you – the patient, can claim your private health insurance rebate immediately, on the spot.

Nothing! we are pleased to ‘bulk bill’ you for this but you must have your medicare card on you.

In order to receive a Medicare rebate for your physiotherapy services at Broadmeadow physio Newcastle, your GP must provide you with an enhanced primary care (EPC) plan. Please bring this with you.

This plan states that your condition is chronic, and that they recommend physiotherapy as a modality for management of your condition.

This entitles you to a Medicare rebate, for up to 5 treatment sessions within a twelve month period.

Our reception staff will be able to assist you with the health related issues and will provide you with everything that you need to claim your rebate from Medicare online.

At Broadmeadow Physiotherapy our team consists of Physiotherapists Newcastle and an Exercise Physiologist. We have a diverse array of interests ranging from immobilisation, water proof casting, spinal pain and injuries, to sporting injuries and degenerative joint problems.

We can offer you a solution to your problem by utilising one, or all, of our team members. As we are located on the top floor ** of the Broadmeadow Medical Centre, Lambton Rd, there is scope for access to general practitioners on the ground floor of the building.

  • Sports Injuries

    Sport is a vital part of the Australian Lifestyle – it promotes good health, facilitates stress relief and, most importantly, is a source of fun, enjoyment and recreation. Sometimes injuries may occur through sport, but fortunately most injuries can be effectively treated by your Physiotherapist.

  • Work Accidents

    All our staff expertise in dealing with your work injury. Our focus is to ensure a quick and speedy resolution for positive return to work outcomes.

  • Neck Pain

    Your head is have and balanced on a narrow support made up of seven bones called the vertebrae. The vertebrae are separated from each other by discs, stabilized by joints and ligaments and moved by muscle. Because the neck is so mobile, it is easily damaged.

  • Car Injuries

    These injuries are generally covered by Compulsory Third Party (Green Slip) Insurance (contact our clinic for more information). The physiotherapist will commence strategies to alleviate the pain and any additional problems associated as a result of the motor vehicle accident.

  • Back Pain

    There are various mechanisms for the production and existence of back pain, including poor posture, which can place undue stress upon your spine.

  • Knee Pain

    Acute knee injuries can arise from sudden trauma, such as an awkward fall, collision or twist of the joint. Overuse injuries result from continuous activity or overload, such as running, jumping, cycling, weight training or bushwalking.